Saturday, November 15, 2014

It's snowing!

Fall is winding down, there are few trees left that are still shedding their leaves.  It's lightly snowing outside as I write this post ... the gardens have mostly been cleaned up, hay has been delivered and stacked, and the barn closed up for the winter.

There was a coating of ice on the pond when I got up this morning, mostly gone already ... but it's an indicator of things to come!  Shot gun deer season started this morning, and I was surprised I didn't hear many shots when I got up.  My hunters have been in the woods for bow season, for about a month now ... unfortunately, I don't think they have gotten a deer yet.  The deer population is incredibly huge around here and really needs some thinning.

I have lots of photos to share today, including some choice daylily seedling pictures .... let's start with some silly pet pictures!

This is Seneca, my male barn cat from a feral act organization ... he's really not feral though, very friendly.  He follows the dogs and I around the pond, running from tree to tree.

Here Rocky is looking at Seneca in the tree, waiting for him to come down and run to the next tree ... crazy cat, he thinks ...

Lily and my female barn cat BarnGirl, she also follows us around the pond ... I feel a bit like the pied piper!

The boys, Cosmo & Merlin play with a tire in their pasture.

Sambina hanging out in the barn, looking for an apple or carrot.

The three of them waiting while I clean stalls.  You can see the new supports for the roof over the door opening.  That was one of the projects my helper and I got done this fall.  The old supports were rotting out and I was afraid a load of snow on the roof would have collapsed the entire thing.  Now it's good for years to come.

I put up some of the tractor parts that I got from a friend.  I have many more, but decided to only put up these three for now.

The Hoop House has been moved by the WNY Hosta Society.  It is now at Lasting Dreams Daylily Gardens in Orchard Park, NY.  My neighbors across the street are thrilled to be able to see the donkeys in their pasture again.

This was our first snow, a couple of weeks ago ... it quickly melted off.  This week, we've been dealing with the "Polar Vortex".  It's colder than normal, but just some light snow.

I have no idea what this yellow flowering plants is, it grows along the side of the road on my way to yoga.  Anyone know what this is?

Now for some pictures of my daylily seedlings from this summer ... I was concentrating on closing my daylily nursery, but still managed to see what seedlings were blooming when I could.

This is a cross of my own Dad's Pyrotechnics X Maude's Valentine.  It's VERY tall, with really good branching, but not a high bud count.

This is one of my favorites, a cross of my own Mystic Avalon X Vertical Horizons.

This is that same cross:

I love the colors on this one ... the photo is showing the green throat too green, but it's a great color combination.  My own Mystic Firebird x Platypus Pam.

Again, that same cross ... but this definitely takes on the shape of Platypus Pam.

This one is Kathryn's Black x Raspberry Butterfly ... a really deep colored daylily.

This is just to show that I'm getting some patterns in my seedlings.  This is a cross of Vertical Horizons x Digital Imagery.

Another favorite, Do The Twist x Raspberry Butterflies ... tall, great branching, intense color, decent bud count ... and the shape is always interesting.

Another intense color, Space Coast Seashells x Davey Jones Locker.

More patterns ... this number I put on this photo for this seedling can't really be what it is, so hopefully it blooms next summer and I can see what it really is.

These next 2 photos are of the same seedling ... Blue-eyed Curls x Vertical Horizon.

This is from a seed I bought off the Lily Auction, it has Rose F Kennedy as a parent ... one of the few of that cross that I actually liked.  Most looked like the same flower everyone else is registering from RFK.

Love this little yellow!!!  It's a cross of Tennessee Tan x Jocelyn's Oddity.  Clear color and a great shape!

These next 2 are seedlings I purchased from Sandy Holmes a few years ago ... I really like both of them and need to do something with them.

So that's all I have for today.  I think it's time to go work on my quilt and watch is snow!  Stay warm everyone!

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