Sunday, August 17, 2014

So little time ...

It's been quite a while since I last posted on my blog, and I'm very sorry.  I had told myself that I wouldn't be one of those people that start a blog and then don't keep up on it.

It's just been a very busy summer.  I had made the decision in the Spring that this would be the last year for my daylily nursery, and I worked hard all summer selling and donating daylilies.  I donated many clumps of older varieties of daylilies to some non-profit organizations for the Community Gardens in the city.

And I also spent time on my sister's and brother-in-laws boat.  It was really nice not to spend ALL my time int he gardens when I wasn't working my day job! 

My bother-in-law, Tim, builds docks and piers ... so is very familiar with the waterfront.  I joined them for the Buffalo Regatta, a competition for home-made water craft.  Tim & Sandy's boat was the "Judges" boat ... so we had the best view!

 This boat was fantastic ... and they paddled along effortlessly.

The guy in the cowboy hat is Rick Smith; he owns some of the old silo's and has been  instrumental in getting people involved with with the old parts of the waterfront.

We were taking bets on when this group would flip and end up in the water ... I don't know that they ever did flip ...

This "craft" was not seaworthy.  Every time he tried to get into the boat, it flipped.  He then tried to swim it down the river, but the water really wasn't warm ... he ended up beaching it and didn't finish the race.

Here's Tim ... captain extraordinaire ... LOL!

This canoe was amazing ... they appeared out of nowhere and paddled together like a well oiled machine!

This is the "craft" we ended up pulling to the finish line.  He was trying to pedal his way in, but that square front just got in the way.

Kids and their tent/fort? along the way ...

This complex is supposed to be developed into an entertainment area ... that will be interesting.

My sister Sandy had made reservations for us to take a ride on the Buffalo Fire Boat, the Cotter.

Here she is playing with a water cannon!

Tim said this "tall ship" didn't raise enough money last summer to pay to get back through the locks, so they had to spend the winter in Buffalo.

You can clearly see where the Buffalo River meets Lake Erie ... the silt in the water from all the rain turns the river brown.

The windmills on the old Bethlehem Steel site.

We were involved in a rescue on our way back in, one of the fireman on the Cotter saw the kid in the water trying to climb a ladder after his kayak had drifted off.  The Cotter called for help, Coast Guard, Other firemen and police arrived to help get the kid out of the water.

On another warmer weekend, we went out for a day in the sun and then to Canalside to listen to Susan Tedeschi and the Derek Trucks Band.  Sandy & Tim's dogs, Lola and Bruno, joined us.

It was a beautiful day and evening!

Unfortunately, my gardens often looked like the picture below this year.  I think they flooded at least 3 times.  As of July 31st, we had 14 inches of rain since June 1st.  8 of those inches were in July.  Then we had another 2 inches in first 2 days of August ... and very few dry days still.

I thought I'd end with some pictures of daylilies that bloomed this year ... this one is Chokecherry Mountain.

Heart Exhibit - one of my friend Linda Michaels daylilies.

High Water Mark

Jan's Twister - this was just the perfect bloom!

Moroccan Saphire

My own Mystic Avalon

And my Mystic Dragonsong.

Two different pictures of my Mystic Flare ...

This week we are digging the last of the daylilies out of the gardens that I don't plan on keeping, I'm donating these to my club's (BADS) sale next Saturday.  So if you are in the Buffalo area and are a gardener, be sure to stop at the Buffalo Botanical Gardens on Saturday the 23rd. The Buffalo Area Daylily Society, WNY Hosta Society and the Iris Society will have plants for sale to the public.

And I promise to post again soon ... I have more pictures to share of our wonderful waterfront!

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