Sunday, June 8, 2014

Catch up time ...

It's been a while since my last post.  Lots has happened since then, and it's been a busy time.

I've made the decision to close my daylily nursery (Mystic Meadows Daylily Farm) after this season.  It was always a labor of love, but has turned into too much labor.  I work full time at a bank and then come home and work in the gardens Spring, Summer & Fall.  I've decided it's time to enjoy all the other things Buffalo has to offer and not spend all my time in the gardens.

I am already planning out my gardens that will be just for me, next summer!  I don't have the time to spend on my own gardens these days, too much time is spent on the Nursery.  I'll probably still do some hybridizing, on a very small scale ... but will probably take this year off since I still have tons of seedlings to evaluate this summer.

I also moved my bedroom from the second floor down to the first floor.  I stayed upstairs because that's the only place I could spend time with my cat Cassie that passed away in April. The rest of my house cats come downstairs ... so I moved down tot he bedroom on the first floor.  It's much cooler and much larger than upstairs.

So let's catch up with some photos ... I lost many large fish out of my pond when the ice cleared this Spring ... these are turkey buzzards waiting their turn to eat the fish I dumped in the back pasture.

This picture is trying to show the large troughs that some animal dug in the middle of the daylily beds to get at the lilium bulbs that were planted there.  I couldn't believe the damage, and they ate ALL of the bulbs in quite a few beds.

I lost a tree this Spring, we had a really windy day and when I got home I was happy to see that I hadn't lost any of the trees in the front/side of the house, where I normally lose trees.  So I was shocked when I looked out the back door and saw this pine tree laying in the pond.

From the other side of the pond:

Here's my "feral" cats eating side-by-side ... Seneca, the one in the front, isn't feral at all ... but he's definitely an outside cat.  My neighbor Sally calls him a murderer ... he's quite the hunter.

I called my tree guy, to get the tree out of the pond ... his solution was to drag it out back so I didn't have to pay him to chop it up.

That was a good idea until he kept getting stuck in the mud and making huge ruts.  He left the tree in the back pasture (at least it's no linger on the part we mow) and said he'd be back when it dried up.  He also mows the pastures so didn't want to have to deal with too many ruts when he mows them.

Some of the interesting daffodils that bloomed this Spring:

I love the "green" of Spring ... it's all so lush ...too bad it doesn't stay this gorgeous green for long.

Some more Spring blooms - old fashioned bleeding hearts:


A weeping crabapple:

Sambina's nose .....

Cosmo's behind ...

Merlin's nose ....

Seneca the not-feral cat is right at home .....

The Baltimore Orioles found the feeder within 10 minutes of me putting it out.

I need to figure out the name of this plant ... anyone know?

Some alliums ....

A misty morning ...

I love bridal wreath spirea, I have 2 of them.  This one I got from one of my younger sister's friends.  It was too big for their backyard, so they asked me if I wanted it ... just love it!

The clematis on the purple barn ...

I had to grab my camera and get this good shot of Rocky sitting with his paws crossed.  He does this all the time.

Iris blooming ....

Lily got her annual shave last weekend ... isn't she cute??

My friend Mary came out to help shave Lily, she took Lily for a walk and stopped to say hello to the donkeys.

Can you see the rain?  It was pouring when I took this picture even though the sun was shining too.

Solomon Seal ....

The Spring garden ....

More alliums ....

Japanese painted fern ... if I have that right.

Candelabra Primrose and hosta:

My variegated tulip tree:

Love the color and ruffles on this hosta:

My tree peony:


Another unknown ... I know this was a recommendation from Sally Cunningham at Lockwoods a couple of years ago:

The back garden this morning ... the iris in the pond are a great backdrop.

Another unknown, and I think another Sally recommendation.

There, now I've caught up!  If you are a local gardener (Buffalo, NY area), I have a list of daylilies that I am selling at very reasonable prices.  I'm selling half clumps and clumps ... so email me at and I'll send you the list.

Now that it's stopped thundering, I'd better go clean the donkeys stalls before dinner.