Saturday, March 29, 2014

It's mud season

Mud season means muddy paw prints .... and lots of paw cleaning!  The snow is slowly melting, we had some rain this past week which helped.  They are talking about more snow tonight, but the temps are supposed to improve next week so I'm optimistic that Spring is coming soon.

There was so much going on last weekend, so I have lots of pictures to show.  I took Friday as a vacation day from work, and my friend Judy and I went to Turnbull Nursery for their bare root tree sale.  We passed this funny vehicle on the way, I had Judy takes pictures of is as we passed it.

I had to google "Rana" to find out it's a pasta.


I've been going to Turnbull's every March for the past few years to purchase trees and bushes.  They sell them bare root so you don't have to deal with the heavy burlap root ball.  I've purchased 16 foot trees and was able to pick the tree up with one hand.  Makes it a lot easier to plant!  You go and select your trees in March, and they hold them in their cold storage until you go back and get them when the ground has unfrozen in April.  The sooner they get in the ground, the better.

They had a lot of really interesting trees this year, too bad I'm running out of places to put interesting ornamental trees!  But I bought this Purple Catalpa ...

And this Crimson Cloud Hawthorn, can't wait to see it bloom!

Here's Judy checking out some ornamental trees.

Then I bought 2 bushes, a Tamarisk.  Bob Faulkner, a daylily hybridizer, shows pictures of a mature tamarisk he has in Ohio, and it's a stunning bush.  I was very glad to see it said it was "Very Hardy"!

And I bought this Buttonbush since I have lots of wet areas around the pond.

Then on Saturday, I met my Mom and older sister Sandy at Plantasia.  I like going to Plantasia every March, I get to look at plants and see what they've forced to bloom, when I can't yet get into my gardens at home.

And the local nurseries put on quite a show.  This booth is Johnson's Nursery, they're outside East Aurora, I pass them every day going and coming home from work. 

The metal pieces were just amazing.

This was a really colorful display.

And then there is the sales and garden club area.

I took a couple pictures of these plant hangers because they were interesting and I could easily make some of these.

Really great water feature.

The middle of the front building had an area of these amazing arrangements.

Colorful forced hydrangeas.

And the only thing I bought was one of these plants.  It's a "Medinilla" from the Philippines.  It likes a cooler house in the winter, which is one of the reasons I thought I'd try it.  Most of the plants I want to try that are tropical, do not like my cooler house.  Of course, my cats have already tasted it's leaves .. I had asked if it was poisonous before I bought it.  So we'll see how it does.

Sunday was our Buffalo Area Daylily "Souper Bowl" meeting. 

Our speaker was Derek Nichols from Grassroots Gardens of Buffalo.  They help set up and supply materials for inner-city community gardens.  It was really interesting to learn about.

I have to share pictures of my silly pets!  Here's Rocky catching some rays ....

Figaro the cat, has decided he likes Rocky's food even if Rocky doesn't.  He puts his head right into the bowl even if Rocky's eating also. 

A few signs of spring ... I thought this was a winter aconite, but Judy said it wasn't ... anyone know what it is then?  (Ignore the large weed almost surrounding it!)

And the very first sign of spring, snowdrops!

Even Lily was enjoying the sun last weekend.  The barn cat was rubbing up against her chin, back and forth, back and forth ...

Hopefully on my next post, I'll be able to show sure signs of Spring!

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