Friday, March 21, 2014

First day of Spring ... brings snow

That's Buffalo for you ... March is a wacky month, every year.  It snows, it rains, it feels nice one day, brutally cold another .... though the sun actually feels warm when it's out.

Everything was starting to melt and we could actually see the ground in places.

And then the 2nd blizzard of the season hit ... the weathermen, who have been more right than wrong over this past winter, were warning that the commute to work on Wednesday was going to be OK, but the drive home was going to be a mess.  I told my boss and co-workers that I was going to work from home and stay out of the mess, everyone had to harass me about working from home.  So the morning started out OK ....

And then it got nasty.  They ended up sending everyone home from work at 11 am, so they could get home before it got really bad.

The Buffalo News ..............

And then the sun came out again and melted some of the snow ...

I don't usually have flowers in the house, especially since the cats try and eat whatever flowers I do get ... but I picked up a couple of the bouquets that were to support Hospice.  It's nice to see fresh flowers in March, and these are nice bouquets.

Last Saturday I had an energy audit done by WNY Home Performance Inc., out of Marilla. My heat bills have gotten really high, these year was really bad because propane has had delivery supply issues.  So I wanted to know where I was leaking air.  Justin set up this thing in the door to pull all the air out of the house, so we could then feel where the air was coming in.

Of course Rocky had to try and help!  I was happy to find out that I don't really have too many issues.  My fireplace is a problem, and I had already closed up part of it, next fall I will close it up more and not use it.  Which is actually a relief!  No more hauling wood, dirty ashes and having a really dry house!  There were a few other minor things I need to fix, but overall my house is really pretty tight!  Yeah!

Last Sunday I went to the Equifest at the Hamburg Fairgrounds.  It was supposed to be all things equine.  I have to say there was no donkeys represented anywhere, and there were no vendors selling halters that would fit a mini horse or donkey.  And actually I got a sarcastic response from some vendor when I asked about mini halters ... good thing I didn't tell him it was for a mini-donkey too!  Many "horse" people think donkeys are second class animals.  Too bad they don't really know how intelligent they are!  So I wasn't able to find any halters or a new ball for the donks to play with.

And there was even a mini horse or pony there!  But I ran in to quite a few people I know and had a good time.

On the way home, I took pictures of interesting things on my drive ... this is a hill I go up to get to my hill.

This very cool structure was built by hand, I watched the guy build some of it a few years ago.  The whole property is really amazing.

Horses out enjoying the sun.

There's a dairy farm that has a huge collection of exotic ducks, fowl, etc. 

Just around the corner, this guy carves things out of wood with his chainsaw.  He sells many of his items at the Made in America store in Elma.  Some day I'm going to have him do a small Santa for me, for my front porch.

And here's the farm from down the road.

With my silly donkeys out enjoying the sun too!


I've been working on my quilt and am loving the colors.  I decided just to use a white-on-white and a black with a small pattern fabric to separate the locks from the centerpiece.  Here's the first side I did:

Then I finished the right side:

And here I attached the bottom ... this weekend I plan on attaching the top and then working on the 4 corners.

I'll end this post with this piece I found in one of the horse magazines I picked up at Equifest.  I believe this pertains to any animal and not just a horse.

But it needs to be repeated and shared.  Too many people take on animals and then easily discard them.  Animals aren't temporary ... they are a responsibility not to be taken lightly.

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