Saturday, February 15, 2014

It's still snowing ....

Not that I really mind that it's snowing, especially since it was in the mid 20's today.  It felt like a heat wave after the cold "Polar Vortex" we've been dealing with.  I wish Canada would keep it's minus degree days to itself! 

Yes, here's another picture of my thermometer ... and it does say minus 11.2!  My neighbors gather weather statistics for the National Weather Service, and she told me it got down to minus 15 that night.  Brrrr ..... the poor dogs and their poor paws!

It was snowing big fluffy flakes this morning, we have over a foot already on the ground.  the snowmobilers have been out, even on some of the coldest days.  They'd better hurry up and enjoy this before it gets warm next week.

 And then the sun came out and it turned into a really nice afternoon.

You can see my silly Lily loves the snow!  24 degrees outside is perfect weather for her.

And Rocky is again waiting for neighbor Sally to come and talk him on a hike.  She came over on her cross-country skis and they went down the road to the snowmobile path for a hike.  They were gone for over an hour, Rocky obviously got his exercise since he's now laying on the floor behind me snoring!

I took both of them around the pond while the sun was out (it's now snowing again) ... and I loved the way the cattails were still standing on the edge of the pond.  You can see where some critter walked on the pond.  I imagine the ice is plenty thick at the moment.

The back of the house from across the pond ...

Rocky shaking ... and if you look, you can see all the deer hoof prints surrounding that crabapple tree.  They are really hungry since everything is covered with snow, and have been going after the leftover crabapples ... and tree/bush limbs.

The Hoop House is keeping all the WNY Hosta Society's hosta covered.

And my Celebration Maple ... I took this picture because it has a really nice shape to it.  This maple has no seeds, so none of those maple keys.  I put this in many years ago and it's growing nicely.

Right after the new year, I was showing my neighbor my daylily seeds in my drawer in the fridge and was shocked to see many of them were starting to germinate.  I've never had this many germinate so early before.  So I had to plant them.  Here they are germinating in their bags.

This is my setup in the basement, just on a table under shop lights.  I use plastic shoe boxes with lids and wet the seed starting mix with warm water before I plant the seeds.

You can see the moisture on the inside.  I leave the tops on the boxes until the seedlings get so tall they are pushing against the top.  See the green seedlings coming up in there?

Eventually I take the tops off, and now have to remember to water these boxes regularly. 

I usually don't start my seeds until some time in March, but these were planted on January 20th. 

These early germinating seeds have had great germination too.  Meaning that most of the seeds I planted actually sprouted.  This weekend I have to check the rest of the seeds that are in the fridge to make sure they haven't started germinating yet.

One of my favorite fabric places was having a sale, so I ordered some new fabric for my quilting.

I had hoped to use the "striped" fabric as a transition edge between my center and the blocks I'm making now.  But once I got it, it doesn't work they way I wanted it to, so I'll use it somewhere else and figure out some other way make the transition.

Here's the newest block.  I'll finish this one this weekend.

And my craft table, also known as my dining room table.

We're supposed to have a couple of cold days and then it's "supposed" to warm up some .. the forecast shows 40's next week.  That will really feel like a heat wave! 

Stay warm everyone!


  1. Nice set up for your seedlings....& your quilting set up looks wonderful...Snowing here too...L;(

    1. They keep saying it's going to get warmer ... I'm still waiting!