Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy New Year!

I know, I'm a little late ... I didn't really have much to say earlier this month!  Not sure I have much to say now either, but I have some "blizzard" pictures to post.

Buffalo had a "blizzard" two weeks ago ... Lake Erie is still not frozen so we got Lake Effect snow and wind and cold.  Many towns had driving bans and many businesses closed.  It was the winds that were the problem.  When I left work on Monday, the night before it got bad, I was driving through quite a few "white-outs" on my way home.  I was very glad to be on back roads and not on any of the expressways.

Here's my thermometer showing me -7.8 F the day after the blizzard .... I had to look twice since I'd never seen temperatures that cold before.

Everything was coated with snow because of the winds, it was really pretty but frigid!

The winds were making snow funnels in the back pasture ...

And three days later, the sun came out and it got warmer .... we've had a lot of extremes this year and many freeze/thaw cycles already.

Here's Rocky sitting patiently, waiting for my neighbor Sally to come over and take him for a walk.  Actually, she cross-country skis while he runs.  He's looking over at her house!  LOL!

The donkeys finally got out of the barn and enjoyed the sun.  I locked them in and didn't even bother opening the barn door when it was so cold and windy.  They weren't going to go out anyway.

My barn cat has decided she needs a friend, and has taken to sitting by my back door hoping the dogs will come out and play.  One of those very cold nights, she was at the back door, I actually went out and chased her back to the barn where she has a house with hay and fleece bed.  And no, she's not coming in ... she is feral and I have 4 house cats, two of which are slightly feral but I can touch.  I can't touch her.

Lily and Rocky chewing American made rawhides.  I've heard too many bad things about rawhides from other countries, so I only buy American made ones.

And Rocky and Bailey snoozing .... so cute how they cuddle!

That's pretty much all that's been going on around here, so I pulled out some more garden pictures from last year to share.

Some of these I might have shown before .... first is a Jack-in-the-Pulpit ... I love these and want more!  LOL!

Candelabra Primrose from my friend Judy, hopefully they will actually come back this year.

My traveling peony ... this poor plant started out in the front of my house in the garden by the house.  Then I decided to move them out into the lawn.  That was a mistake and they didn't do well there.  So I moved them back into the gardens in front of the house and put a piece in the hosta garden by the pond.  And it looks like that was a great idea.  I have no idea what the name of this one is, but really love the hot pink color with the hosta.

My Goat's Beard by the deck ... this always looks amazing.

And some sunny Rudbeckia ....

I've pulled out my quilting but haven't touched it yet.  First I need to plant some daylily seeds that are sprouting in the fridge.  I normally don't plan them until March, but they are already sprouting so I don't have a choice.  That's my chore for my day off tomorrow ...

Maybe I'll post my seed starting method for daylily seeds next time ....

Stay Warm everyone!


  1. Photos are a Nice mixture of winter & summer ...every enjoyable ...L;)