Saturday, December 21, 2013

It snowed and snowed and rained ....

Today is the Winter Solstice ... we've had more snow this past Autumn, then we had all last year!  And now that it's actually the Winter Solstice, the rains are washing away all that snow ... thank goodness for sump pumps!

My town seems to have been in the path of the lake affect snows for the past week and a half.  We had over 4 feet of snow in about a weeks time ... it just didn't stop snowing!

A sunset when it first started to snow ...

The snow was still manageable for the donkeys ....

Cosmo above and below:

Merlin, the baby (even at 10 years old!) ...

Sambina, the matriarch ....

I laughed when I saw this on my fencepost, one of my hunters hung it here when he went back into the woods to go hunting and then picked it up on his way back out.

The tree my friend Mary & I put lights on outside ...

Rocky and the cats sharing the couch ... Figaro (black cat) & Bailey snuggling at the other end.

These 2 boy cats are so cute, and are always snuggling!

Lily and Rocky as dog book ends ... they often lay this way, touching each other.

Bailey got an early Christmas present ... a comfy cat bed behind my computer ... he's currently laying there and snoring while I blog.

I guess 2 cats DO fit in there !  LOL!

A then the snows really came ... this snow out my kitchen door was over my knees.

I had to use a broom to sweep a path because my shovel was buried somewhere.

Someone asked how close my barn was to the house, as you can see it's not very far, thank goodness.  When it gets really cold & windy, I totally understand why farms in New England often had their barn next to their house attached by a breezeway.

Finally managed to get paths done around the house, out the doors and over to the garbage and wood pile.  Necessities!

Lily LOVES the snow ... she's rather be outside in the snow than inside.

The Hosta Hoop House all snug for the winter.

The barn cats entrance into the back of the barn ... I always help her out and walk a path to the cat door.  She mostly spends time in the front of the barn though.

My flock of Blue Jays is back ...

My neighbor Ron, snowblowing for me again ... I think I paid him more so far this year for snow removal than I paid him the entire winter last year!

Finally, the sun came out and it stopped snowing.

And started raining .... I lost all that snow in just over 24 hours.  The temperature today is in the high 40's and it's raining like crazy.  My front pasture is flooded, this hasn't happened in quite a few years.

This morning, just as it started raining, I took these pictures .....  the warm rain was falling on the cold snow and the fog started rising ..

The more rain, the more fog ...

My new Christmas lights.  I just love the blue and white combination.  I liked these so much I went back on EBay and bought 2 more, and they were half price!

A few of my Santa's ... I have tons ... and the donkey my friend Judy brought me back from Peru.

It looks like it might not be a white Christmas after all ... but we'll enjoy it anyway.

Merry Christmas to all of you and your families.  Be safe and enjoy your family & friends!


  1. Pam love your photos...& your livestock (donkeys, dogs & cats) is always a delight !

    1. Thanks again Lori ... I love my "menagerie" too! LOL!