Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Got out of work early today, so I'm officially on vacation until Monday!  Tomorrow I'll be at my older sister's house for Thanksgiving dinner with her husband Tim, our Mom and Sandy's close friends Nancy & Mark.  My silly pooches, Lily & Rocky are invited also, so they can visit their furry cousins, Lola & Bruno ... Sandy & Tim's dogs.

Last post I commented on a Cleveland Pear tree that was turning colors, and managed to take pictures of it before the leaves all disappeared ... this tree is one of the first to bloom, and one of the last to turn colors.

And here is the back garden all cleaned up except for the ornamental kale.

This is a picture I took last week, we got a small amount of snow ....

And this is what it looked like today!  We got more than a small amount of snow last night ..

Rocky doesn't mind the snow at all ... shortly after I took this picture, my neighbor Sally came over and got Rocky to take him hiking.  She's my dogs 2nd Mom!

The pond is starting to freeze over .... the non-frozen spots are usually over the areas where the underground springs come in.

Had to take this one of the snow and the purple barn.  I've been struggling with the back door to the barn and the doors to the donkeys stalls.  The barn has sunk, so the doors are all too long ... so they scrape on the ground.  The back door was frozen in place the other night and I had to chop the ice to get it to open, and then again to get it to close.  The guy that does these types of odd jobs for me, told me in September that he would get these fixed on a rainy day ... the rainy days are gone!  So I called and left him a message that I already had to chop the door free ... and came home yesterday to find all the doors fixed.  As I told the dogs and the donkeys ... these simple little things (closing doors) shouldn't be so difficult!  And what a relief for them to be fixed.

Lily just loves the snow, and this is a common pose .... nose and face deep in the snow to sniff whatever creatures are tunneling under the snow by the pond.

And yes, she's on a leash and Rocky's not.  I've been letting her off leash occasionally and she was doing really well listening to me and not running off ... until Sunday morning.  I took her off the leash and she took off to Sally's house .... so at 8:30 am I'm screaming for her to stop, come back ... and following as quickly as I can.  She finally allows me to catch her, as she's eyeing the deer trail that runs off Sally's driveway.  It is deer hunting season, so no more off leash for her for quite a while!

A couple pictures of my big silly cat Bailey ... is this the universal "male" pose?  LOL!  Belly towards the fire and back legs spread wide apart ....

And drinking out of the kitchen water bowl ...

I've started working on a quilted runner for the top of my buffet, where I put out many of the Santa's I collect.

I found this fabric panel on EBay, a Laurel Burch panel.  She's known for her colors and cats.  I actually bought 2 panels, one I'm keeping together and adding a backing to for the top of my dining room table and one that I am cutting apart and spreading out for the top of my buffet.

I bought some iron-on interfacing and ironed it on the back of the panel:

And then carefully cut the panel apart.  I tried to be careful with what edges went with which square.

I had also found some black fabric with gold dots on it for the background.  I measured the buffet and then sewed and cut the fabric to fit.

And now I'm trying to decide where I want which pieces ... and have moved many of them since this arrangement ... but should have them placed shortly.

This weekend I hope to have finalized their placement and start actually sewing them onto the background, and then figure out how I want to quilt them in place.

So don't get too stuffed on Turkey and all the fixings, enjoy your time with family & friends!

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