Saturday, October 5, 2013

Indian Summer

We had some cooler weather a few weeks ago and some light frosts.  But the weather has changed and we have been experiencing a true Indian Summer for the last two weeks.  The days are in the 60's or 70's and the nights in the 50's or 60's.  "Unseasonable warm" weather is what the weathermen say.

Thankfully, it started raining yesterday and is supposed to continue for a few more days .. I was getting concerned because it was SO dry.  The plants, trees and bushes need the Fall moisture to survive the winter.

Here's a typical morning shot ... I don't think the trees have the depth of color they have in other years, and I think that is directly related to the lack of rain.

And here's a sunset picture .....

I was looking at the trees that I have added to the farm, and walked to the front on my house to look at this .... I planted a 12 inch twig many years ago.  It was supposed to be a Black Walnut tree.  As it grew, we looked at it and decided it wasn't a walnut but more likely a sumac.  This is growing in the front of the house on the opposite side of the house than the driveway and gardens, so I really don't pay much attention to that side.  But something made me walk over there recently, and I see this very straight growing "sumac"?

And then I see these .... WALNUTS!!!!  So the little twig that I ignored for years, did grow up to be a walnut tree and not a sumac!  I told my Mom, since she had given me the twig from a plant exchange she had attended.  She said that she had seen it over the summer and thought I had done a great job pruning the sumac!  LOL!  We had a good laugh!

Maybe I should ignore young trees more often!

Last weekend I was in the house and the doorbell rang, and the dogs started barking ... I went to the door and there were 2 of the guys that I let hunt deer on my property.  They said they were going out to check their tree stands since hunting started soon, and saw that I hadn't finished stacking my wood so they would finish it for me if I told them how I wanted it.  Woo Hoo ... I had stacked a little over half of it; these 2 guys finished stacking the rest of it in less than 20 minutes ... that would have taken me days doing it a little bit at a time to save my back.  They even helped cover it up.  Really nice guys, three generations of guys in one family and occasionally the oldest, 4th generation will join them.

And the next day, it was just one of those weekends .... my neighbor came over with a skid steer he had borrowed and leveled an old manure/dirt pile I had in the front gardens.  It was really just a mess of weeds! 

While Bob was moving the dirt, I saw this guy trying to escape.  Bob stopped the skid steer and tried to move this frog, not a toad, out of the way.  We were amazed at the sounds this frog made!  He was pissed!  He hissed at Bob, as Bob tried to steer him to safety.  We laughed so hard.

And here is the finished result, looks great!  Today I stopped and picked up some grass seed and managed to get it spread before it rained again ... just as I was finishing, the rain started and then came down pretty hard, so it should all be watered in really well.

And yes, I keep showing pictures of my Castor Bean plants and their seed pods, I just think they are really cool!

Another shot of the barn and the fall blooming clematis.

The donkeys had to come see what I was doing when I was taking pictures ... so I had to take pictures of them too!  And I was looking through some of my animal records and couldn't believe these guys are as old as they really are ... time flies so fast! This is Cosmo, the first miniature donkey I got ... he's 13 years old!  Isn't he cute!!! 
This is Merlin, Cosmo and Sambina's (Sam) son ... I always call him the baby, but he's already 10 years old!  Where did all that time go?

And this is Sambina, affectionally called Sam ... she's the matriarch and keeps the 2 boys in line ... and no, she's not pregnant, she's just fat!  Sam is 18 years old!!! Wow ...

I love my donkeys, they are so cute and they just love people!  When the hosta folk are working in the hoop house, they are often supervised by 3 miniature donkeys watching their every move!

This is a hibiscus that I took out of my back garden, it just got too big!  And I "composted" it ... guess it really liked the compost pile, since it's gotten bigger every year in the compost pile.
Here's a shot of Rocky and some fall foliage ...

Lily and the barn cat ... the barn cat has decided she really wants to be friends with Lily & Rocky, and rubs up against Lily all the time ... she was so feral when she came here from a feral cat rescue 5 years ago that we'd hardly see her.  Now she sits outside the kitchen door waiting for us to come out and follows us tot he barn.

This Indian Summer weather is supposed to continue for at least another week .... so I will continue working on my outdoors projects before the weather forces me inside.

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