Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fall and Daylily Registrations

We have finally gotten our normal Fall rains ... though we've still had some really gorgeous days!  We have had temperatures above normal for quite a while now, but we're supposed to get cooler weather coming this week. 

I've been working on my Fall cleanup and taking care of a donkey with a foot abscess.  I've had my donkeys for 13+ years now, and luckily, have never had a real illness between them.  So I was horrified to see Cosmo limp into the barn a week ago Monday ... I had no idea what was wrong with him.  Thanks to my friend Shannon, she had her horses here many years ago, before I got the donkeys ... she came over and looked at it and told me how to treat him.  So I spent the last week plus, soaking his hoof in Epsom salt and water, and wrapping it with vet tape and duct tape to keep it dry.

He is such a good boy, he stood quietly most times when I needed to soak his hoof ... I think he liked all the special attention.  Tonight I took the duct tape boot off and will see how he does tomorrow ... I kept them in the barn this evening, since it's raining anyways ... so it has time to dry before he goes out in to the wet again.

The following pictures are from a church near where my office moved to, I've working in downtown Buffalo for the past 7+ years, and our office recently moved out to a suburb, on the edge of the Buffalo airport.  (Much better place & drive for me!!!)  I'd seen this place before, but had never stopped.  So one of these gorgeous Fall days, I decided to visit this at lunch and take some pictures.

This is the Sacred Heart Shrine, and was built in 1926 by the Pastor and the Congregation by hand.  Some really amazing stone work!

Last weekend I had to take a drive to pick up my sewing machine, and went by the Windmill Farm that is on the next hill over from my farm.  I think these are really cool ... and look at that gorgeous sky!

Here's a misty morning shot from last weekend ... love the steam coming up from the pond and the fog in the air burning off ....

And another picture of my silly feral barn cat snoozing in the sun on my deck!  She's not going to be able to do that any more, those chairs are going into storage tomorrow!

Some pictures from today .... I had to take a picture of the Solomon Seal, the colors are just stunning!

The ornamental grass by the street is also amazing at this time of year, it's too bad the seed heads come out so late ... they are really neat.

The weathermen were wrong again today ... guess that's no surprise.  It was supposed to be a horrible rainy day, with lots and lots of rain ... well, it just started raining at 5 pm, so it really wasn't a bad day at all.  I got out and did my annual daylily inventory this morning.  Because of the weather forecast, I hadn't planned on doing it today and wasn't sure when I could get it done ... but it was so nice this morning I figured I'd do as much as I could before the rains came ... and they never did, so my inventory is now done!  Whew ... that's a relief.

I registered 4 daylilies this year ... it's been a couple years since I have registered any, last year was so dry that I couldn't get any accurate statistics to be able to do the registrations.  But this year I could ... I've learned a lot of the past years growing and watching seedlings develop ... these are older seedlings that have pretty faces and will be good garden plants for gardeners.  These are not going to make a statement to the hard core daylily enthusiasts ... but that's OK.  I have a couple more selected from more recent seedlings that I am going to eventually name and register, that are just really good garden plants that my local buyers will love.
This first one is Mystic Enchantress ... I would love if it always looked like the second picture, but it doesn't.  But it has great color and a nice green throat, and will often look like the second picture.  This is a cross of Blue-eyed Curls x Raspberry Butterflies.

This one is Mystic Gryphon ... I really liked it because it blooms mid-late here.  It started blooming on July 27th this year ... and I think it might be a bud-builder, but I'm not really sure how to determine that.  I don't know the parentage of this one, it's one that I lost the tag when my gardens flooded many years ago.  It does have a green throat, but not as green as this first picture ... camera's often do weird things to colors.

This one is Mystic Seer ... I named and registered this one because it has such an interesting shape.  It's just so different!  And that's why I like it.  It's a cross of a Seedling x Wind Master.

And the last one for this year ... Mystic Sprite.  This has been a favorite of garden visitors since it first bloomed many years ago.  And it does often have the top "horn" as shown in the second picture.  It tends to lean when it's first planted, but straightens up as it gets established.  This is another cross of Blue-eyed Curls x Raspberry Butterflies.

As the daylily and gardening season winds down, I look forward to my winter hobbies ... I've already pulled out my jewelry supplies and plan on making some earrings tomorrow ... and now that I have my sewing machine back, I can make 2 table runners for the Christmas Holidays that I have some great material for! 

So many people I know complain about the gardening season ending ... I look forward to the end so I can work on other things I like to do.

Please post comments and let me know what you think of my new Daylilies!



  1. Oh sooo beautiful! You've done such a great job! I'm VERY impressed. :) Hope Cosmo makes a full recovery. You are truly blessed...

    1. Thanks Liz! Cosmo is doing just fine, out trotting around and playing with his son Merlin