Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day 2013

Today is Labor Day, September 2nd ... the newspapers and radio stations are lamenting the end of summer.  Sure doesn't feel like the end of summer, it's still in the 80's and horribly muggy!  The kind of weather that I hate.  We got 3/4's of an inch of much needed rain last night, so that made the front daylily field feel even hotter this morning.

I've been trying to dig out seedlings that I've decided not to keep, but can only do a couple of hours each morning because of the heat.  It's supposed to cool off this afternoon, a cold front is supposed to come through ... sure hasn't yet, I just stuck my head out the door and the heat and mugginess are still there.

We had lots of rain in June and July, and August was extremely dry ... some of my daylily seed pods have dried right up to nothing.  I do water, use the pond as my source, but there's nothing as good as a good soaking rain.

Here are some more garden pictures from recently ...

A large coleus and a Japanese Painted fern ....

Rudbeckia and Perilla ... makes a really nice contrast.  I have to pull most of the Perilla soon before it seeds all over the place.  I leave a few to re-seed, but not all of them.

 Tall yellow coneflower and anemone ........

The Castor Beans are finally getting tall!

The Obedient plant, that really isn't ...........

Another annual that I have to thin out the volunteers every year, Cleome.

I don't add many annuals to the gardens each year, but I found some ornamental Kale early in the year and they have turned out great.  The "fern-leaf" variety is really spectacular!

Here's a picture of the backyard I took early one morning this past week ... the sun was just coming up ... looks hot already!  LOL! 

I visited a friend who is also a daylily grower yesterday, Kris Weitz of Gladsome Gardens, she has many large gardens and lots of interesting plants:

I was so taken with the many different hibiscus she has ... I have one, a red one ... it got so big that I took it out of the garden and threw it in the compost pile, where it's been happily growing ever since!  (No pictures of it yet, it just started to bloom)  But here are some of Kris's:

Last picture for today .... my silly kids on the bed.  Rocky and Lily the dogs, and Figaro and Bailey the cats ... they really do all hang out together!

Let's hope the next time I post, that the weather has cooled!  I have a new project to start on that can't be done until the weather is more reasonable ... stacking 5 cords of firewood that was delivered yesterday!  I told Terry he was crazy dropping off firewood in this weather ... it's way too hot to think about tackling that project.  He just laughed ....

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