Sunday, August 11, 2013

Gorgeous Summer Sunday ...

Thought I'd quickly post some pictures before I get my book and go sit on my deck with m\y dogs, and enjoy this beautiful day!  The weather is finally the way I like it for summer, cool nights and days in the 70's.  I spent a couple hours this morning pulling out daylily seedlings, without dying from the heat ... had to stop when my back and knee started complaining though!

Some non-daylily pictures today ... I grow a lot of lilies, the real thing, and the one's the deer didn't eat have been magnificent this year.

Here's a small succulent growing in a hypertufa pot I made, on my deck ...

And a sunflower that decided to grow out of another pot on my deck ... the seed obviously came from the bird food I have out all winter.
Two weekends ago, I left my own gardens and went on the Buffalo Garden Walk, a renowned garden walk in the city.  We started in the "Cottage" area of the west side of Buffalo.  These cottages are just amazing!

I took this picture because I couldn't imagine the time and care it takes for all these wonderful hanging baskets.  These are not that easy to take care of, this person obviously knows what they are doing since these looks great.
I couldn't resist taking this picture, the cat was snoozing almost on the porch column!

These next 2 are really inspiration pictures ... I've seen something similar done with succulents in the first picture, and would love to try something like this ...

And this garden structure looks amazingly simple to make!  And what a statement it makes in the garden!

Some last pictures from my gardens ... the deck is calling me, time to put my feet up and relax ...
This is a yellow coneflower that finally got to it's 6 - 7 foot height ... the yellow finches are feasting on the seed heads.

One of the ornamental cabbages I planted earlier this year .. I really like them because they survive quite of few frosts, and last almost into winter.

My castor bean plants didn't get as tall as they have in other years, but they still make quite a showing.  And their seed pods are really cool.

Hope you all are enjoying some good summer weather.  I'm off to the deck and my book, for what's left of this afternoon.

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