Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Independence Day American's!  It's a hot humid day here in Western NY ... so I'm in the house hiding from the mid-day sun.  I just organized the start of my daylily photos and thought this would be a good time to do a post on my blog ... I'm waiting for my Mom and friend Judy to arrive for dinner.

Here is what it has looked like quite often here recently .... but I am not complaining about the rain, the heat I'll complain about, but not the rain!

The gardens are loving the rain, everything is huge and healthy!  But I'm still waiting to get some hay delivered, had to have another round bale delivered to hold me over until he can make some small square bales.

Because of the heat, and an un-air-conditioned house, I often leave the back door open in the evening and early morning to let some cooler air get into the house.  This year, and she's been here for 6 years, my feral barn cat has decided she needed to meet the housecats.  She's been sitting right outside the screen door, hanging out with my 2 male housecats.  Maybe she's lonely?  When it cools down, I may have to call the rescue about getting a male feral barn cat to keep her company ...

She's a pretty long-haired torty ... I got her from a feral cat rescue, they place spayed feral cats that they have been unable to socialize in peoples barns.

Speaking of barns ... the barn swallows have a net of babies ....

You can barely see some heads and beaks poking out of the nest.

Here's a really nice white iris that just started blooming:

And a lily that's out in one of the daylily beds out front, I have to find the name of this one ... I know I got it from Ramona Titus at Faraway Flowers ...

And finally ... daylilies are starting to bloom!!! 

First is Isolde, one of the first to bloom in my gardens and often is a poly bloom.

Next is my own Mystic Avalon, looking just lovely!

Linda Michaels Mythperception, what a great shape!!.

Another early bloomer is Patricia Snider Memorial, also one of the first to bloom in my gardens ... and it just keeps going!

Now for some early seedlings:
I find the parentage on this one interesting, Tequila Mockingbird (big ruffly round thing) X So Many Stars.  I'm not sure if I'll do anything with it yet, but marked it as something to watch.

This is another I marked to watch, I really like the colors ... it's my Mystic Avalon X Vertical Horizons.

Another one that I find the parentage interesting ... this is very tall, Raspberry Griffin X So Many Stars.  Unfortunately, there is no branching at all, but I might use it as a bridge plant and see if I can get some branching ... it's early and has a great shape.

If you are a daylily person, bet you can guess what one of the parents of this one is?  This is my Mystic Pixie X Emerald Starburst ... first year blooms ... there seem to be many that look like this, but I never make any determinations about seedlings the first year.

And this one will probably be registered this Fall.  This is actually a seedling I bought from Sandy Holmes.  It has an amazing shape and very interesting color .. I call it my tomato soup colored daylily ... what the heck am I going to name it???

As you can see .. the season has just begun.  All I need to do is work on keeping the deer out of the gardens, they are especially brutal this year, and survive the heat! 
Until next time ....

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