Sunday, June 16, 2013

And the rains came ....

Mind you now ... I'm not complaining about the rain.  I would much rather have too much rain than have drought conditions.  Though either one is really hard on the local farmers.  I've had 3.5 inches this week, and it's been raining about 1.5 inches a week before that.

I've been waiting for my usual June delivery of hay ... that's not going to happen any time soon since it's way too wet for the farmers to get in their fields and make hay.  So my hay guy just delivered another round bale of hay, so I have some hay to feed my silly donkeys!

But the gardens are just exploding!  The plants are loving this rain!  My hosta are ginormous!!  So here are some pictures of things that have been blooming ...

Here's a shot of the back gardens on one of the sunny days ....

My smoke bush has never had this much "smoke":

A hummingbird looking for a drink:

My friend Mary and I managed to get Lily shaved on Memorial Day ... Lily's fur is so dense, she is too hot all summer.  And she loves to be in the pond, and all that heavy hair just never dries ... so a few years ago, we started to shave her and she loves it! 

Here's a before and after picture ... and Lily in the pond chasing frogs:

So now lots of flower pictures, Foxglove:



And my Hosta bed with an old peony:

Last, but not least ... the beginning of the bloom of the Goats Beard ... which is a monster plant this year too!

I have actually had some daylilies bloom ... the season is just beginning!  Hopefully I'll have some pictures of daylilies to share next time ...


  1. Pam I always read your blog & enjoy them greatly....but never get around to Thanks for taking the time & enjoy your gardening , envious(love) your mini donkeys, your dogs/cats & your quilting...your photos are beautiful also...Hugs from Hudsonville MI
    Lori Hankinson...region 2 zone 5..;)

    1. Thank YOU Lori, am so glad you enjoy these and commented! Have a great gardening season.