Saturday, May 25, 2013

Spring color ...

This year, the flowering trees and bushes are just amazing!  The weather has been cool ... with a short stretch of very hot temps, and now back to cool temps again.  There were actually frost warnings last night, and now through Sunday night.  But it was so great to be able to work in the gardens this afternoon and not get hot!  I got tons done.

As I said, the flowering trees have been gorgeous this year!  I take this same photo every year ... LOL!  That's an old pear tree, next to my gazebo ... I took the rotting roof off the gazebo and there is a wisteria growing up the side of it.  I hope some day, the wisteria will cover the gazebo!  I didn't get many/any pears last year, nor do I remember the tree blooming this much ... we'll see what happens this year.

Here's a crabapple blooming along the driveway out front ... it's crooked because someone backed into it (?)!

This is the front of the house ... you can see the weeping Cercis (Weeping Redbud) in the front right ... the deer trimmed it a lot over the winter ... but it still looks great!  And another crabapple tot he left.

This is my variegated Tulip tree, behind the house ... it's just a gorgeous tree!

And across the pond ... more flowering crabapples ...

I love the "green" of this time of year ... when the heat hits this gorgeous emerald green quickly turns yellow and dull.
One of my favorite bushes, the bridal wreath spirea ... I have two of them, both given to me by friends.  This one in the front of the house came from one of my sisters friends ... it had gotten too big for their space ... it can get as large as it wants at my house!  Isn't it just stunning?

One of my Jack in the Pulpit ... I keep thinking I need more of these!  Very cool plants, perfect in my hosta garden.

And alliums ... they seem to be taking over my back gardens ... (note to self; dig up many of these bulbs this fall and share with friends!)

Another loved plant that I've been putting in my gardens annually for years, and this is the first time it came back!  The candelabra primrose ... I was SO happy that it came back this year, finally!

The clematis on the barn just burst into color.... unfortunately, the purple flower blends right in with the purple barn.  This spring I added a pink double clematis to the base of this purple one, and hope that the pink one interweaves the purple one ... we'll see how that works out.

I've found scapes on 2 daylilies so far ... that's REALLY early!  Obviously left over from last year ... my seeds from last year are growing though I don't have very good germination this year.  I might have to re-think growing them outside instead of starting them in the basement. 
Hope you all have a great Memorial Day weekend, and please do take time to think of all those men and women that serve or have served in our armed forces ...


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