Sunday, April 14, 2013

Slowly but surely ....

It is slowly turning green here ... the key word is "slowly" ... but that's not stopping the plants from emerging in the gardens.

Crazy amounts of rain last week and a little bit of ice ... not sure how well you can see the ice in the trees in this picture?  And the pond turned brown from all the rain.

That didn't stop my first pair of visitors, a Donald and a Daisy?  Not really the first pair of visitors, but the first I caught on my camera.  Last weekend I saw a pair of Kingfishers and a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers ... both sets of birds were beautiful!

Today the sun came out, it was still windy and chilly, but it was very nice to see the sun.  It's amazing how quickly everything gets green after the first really good Spring rain ...

Some of the plants that are coming up quickly are fall blooming crocus:

Allium - they are everywhere!!!

A clump of daylilies!

Blooming hellebores:

My hypertufa house and trough are growing too!

Rocky just sits and watches me, he thinks I'm a bit crazy taking all the pictures that I do.

Can't leave out Lily, this is what they did after we were outside ... love how they sleep together!

And Bailey sleeps by my muddy boots.  He used to sleep in one of the kitchen chairs until I got new ones.  These new ones are obviously a little smaller, so he doesn't like them. 

And my last quilt square of the season ...

It's time to put the quilt away until next fall/winter ... since it's about time to get outside.  Next weekend I am picking up the bare-root trees I bought at Turnbull Garden Nursery in North Collins, NY ... my garden helper Regina and I will then be planting them .. let's hope it's a little warmer!  That always seems to start the season ....planting trees ....

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