Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Spring?? Is it coming?

Last year at this time the temperatures were in the 70's and 80's ... which was way too hot for this time of year.  We then had many frosts in April that really caused problems for plants, bushes and trees that had started to emerge with the warm weather in March.

This year is totally different ... we've had snow thru the middle of last week, some more predicted for next week.  But today was glorious!  The sun was warm and melted the majority of the snow .... here's a picture from this week ...

The pond was just starting to open up.  That's a sure sign that the weather is getting better!  Here's another day with the ice on the pond melting:

And sunshine!!  That always makes me feel better ... in this picture you can see my new Heron garden sculpture that I bought last weekend at Plantasia ... and the pond behind the Heron is wide open!  I don't plan on trying to scare off the heron that visit my pond, I just thought this was a neat heron, and very reasonably priced!

This morning the dogs and I wandered over to my neighbors, he wanted to borrow my chainsaw since his had quit.  He's making maple syrup and needed to cut wood to feed his fire.  Two other neighbors are also making maple syrup, but Bob has the best setup ... not surprising for an engineer!

Here are some of the trees he's tapped:

And here's Bob adding wood to his fire ... he made this contraption out of a barrel.

He expects to have 5 gallons of maple syrup by the time he's done ... it takes 30 to 50 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup, that's a lot of work!!  He's been at it every weekend for the past month, or so.  Here's the fire burning:

You can see the sap/syrup boiling away on top ... here's a better picture:

He gave me a taste .. at this point is was just sweet water.  But I might get some real syrup from him!!  I was talking to his wife, Sally, about the cost of maple syrup ... and she had recently seen a gallon for $45 and thought that was cheap.  Now I know why, it takes a long time of boiling sap to get it to reduce to make maple syrup!

As I was walking back home, I looked at the Cleveland Pear tree in my back pasture, and the buds were just amazing ... as was the sky.

I went to my favorite tree nursery a couple of weeks ago, Turnbull's Garden Center, and picked out a couple more bare root trees.  They have a huge warehouse where they bring in bare root trees in March to sell, then they hold them for us until we're able to plant in April.  I got the Cleveland Pear from them, and many others.  Bare root trees are so much easier to plant without that huge burlapped root ball.  And they are a third of the price.

I've been working along on my quilt ... these colors are not my normal colors.  I've been trying to get out of my comfort zone and add all colors to this quilt.

So more "flower" squares: Oranges & yellows


I'm currently working on a totally different color combination!!

I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter, Passover, or whatever Spring celebration you are planning!


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  2. Hi Pam: Enjoyed this and was especially interested in the maple syrup. I knew it must be quite a bit of work, but this really opened my eyes to how long and how much is required. I use it pretty much as my go-to sweetener these days. Now, I appreciate it even more and willingly pay extra for organic.

    It always strikes me when I read your blog and a few others how very talented and capable you guys are. It's inspiring.

    1. Thank you Katie ... I should probably make it my go-to sweetner too. I bet you have your own creative vices too!