Saturday, February 23, 2013

Winter happenings ...

Someone that viewed my blog asked me where my picture was ... I hadn't even thought about adding my picture previously, but thought it was a good idea, so I just did.

This winter continues to be strange ... cold, snowy & windy followed by warm days where everything melts.  It's nearing the end of February, and March can be much the same ... but after March comes Spring! 

Then I will put away my winter project; my quilt ... and go back outside to the gardens.

I took this picture a couple of weekends ago, a beautiful sunny day ... the donkeys were out of the barn enjoying the sun.

And the dogs too ... sitting in the sun while I do my weekly chore of bringing in firewood.

The "backyard" and the snow was just beautiful:

Though two minutes later the winds picked up and the snow swirled:

I've really been getting into my new quilt ... I wait until I get all my errands and chores done before I work on it, so I can take time to do what I want.

This is my first attempt at applique ... the stems to my flowers and leaves:

Not too bad ... a friend that is an amazing quilter gave me a couple tips to make the stems easier to work with.  Now I needed to "square" off this centerpiece to my quilt.  I looked through my stash of fabric, I really need to gather more, and found this wonderful Vera Bradley fabric ... it's really more vibrant in person!

Oh my ... that's all I could say as I was putting it together ....

How perfect is this amazing fabric?  I just love it!  My next thing to do is to put a border around this very large square.  Of course, this is my "typical" color scheme and I need to pull in some yellows, oranges and reds, since the rest of the quilt will be pieced squares of different flowers in all different colors.

I'm thinking that the first border will have to be black so it doesn't get too overwhelming, and then I can build out my other colors from there.  But I need to look at options, so tomorrow a friend is coming out to visit and we're going into East Aurora for brunch and then to look at fabric ... we'll see what I come home with!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Winter Storm Nemo missed us!

Western NY got some snow from Nemo, but not too much ... we've certainly had much worse.  I live SE of the city of Buffalo, and though we are normally snow country, I got less than 3 inches from Nemo ... just made for some messy driving.

This morning while I was making coffee and doing dishes, I watched a pair of cardinals in the snow at the feeder ....

Very pretty birds!  And I also caught sight of a pileated woodpecker ... you need to look closely at the middle of the picture below to find it ...

I've started on another quilt ... a weekend winter craft project.  I showed the other quilt I made in a previous post.  That one took me 6 winters to finish piecing the top, and then another winter to have it hand-quilted by an Amish girl.

Hopefully, this one won't take as long!  But it makes more sense to me now ... though I still need to pay closer attention to cutting my pieces the same size. 

This one I am using this picture from a quilt magazine as the center of my quilt.  She doesn't really tell you how to make the Lemoyne Stars that make up the flowers, so after a frustrating day of putting together the first square and none of the points were sharp or correct, I turned to the internet and found really good instructions.

I ended up taking the first square apart completely and starting over.  Here's my dining room that I turn into my quilting area.

So here are the 2 squares which will end up as "Flowers" for the center of the quilt:

I chose different fabrics so my flowers would all be different colors ...

Here they are laid out before I sewed them together ...

And here they are together ... tomorrow I'll make the stems and leaves that will then be appliqued on.

This will be my "Garden" quilt ... I've been collecting block patterns that look like flowers to use in the rest of the quilt.  If anyone has any good examples of flower blocks, please share!

Now out to clean the barn and walk the dogs ... it's supposed to get warm again at the beginning of the week and actually rain.  So my snow cover will be gone again, and we'll be back to mud.  Have a nice week everyone!