Sunday, January 20, 2013

More daylily seedlings ...

We're having another strange winter, but at least we're getting some snow this year.  It got cold and snowed, then got warm and melted again ... now we're going back to cold and snow.  I hate when it gets warm, it then turns into mud season here at the farm; the barn gets disgusting and the dogs paws are a mess!

This is the sunset I came home to a couple of weeks ago, right before it got warm and melted ... I hurried into the house to get my camera before the sun went all the way down.

And here's the front daylily field under a nice blanket of snow ....

It's snowing again tonite ... so I had some time to look through my seedling photos and pick some to post.  These first three are seedlings that have been growing here for quite a few years.  I moved them last Spring to their own spots in the regular daylily beds to evaluate them in hopes of registering them ... then we had a summer of drought, and they didn't grow as well as they had previous years so I couldn't gather accurate statistics ... so hopefully they will preform better this summer and I might just register them ..


The next few are more recent years seedlings that I find interesting .. this first one I will pull out of the seedling bed this summer and find it a spot in the garden for future registration.  The cross is Frankie's Fantasy x Blueberry Sky - love the shape!

This one is a cross of Mystic Avalon x Davey Jones Locker - great colors:

This is a cross of Mystic Firebird X Platypus Pam ... I love the shape of this one too!

These are seedlings I purchased went I went to the "Northern Mecca" trip, to see daylilies in Ohio and Kentucky ... this first one is a Jamie Gossard seedling that I've made some crosses with:

The next two are Sandy Holmes seedlings ... I need to further evaluate this first one, but I find it very interesting:

This one I will definitely register eventually ... I love the different color (tomato soup?) and the form is great too!

I'll have to see what other pictures I can pull out in the coming weeks .... so we can all look at some flowers and dream of Spring!