Friday, December 7, 2012

My grandparents art ....

On my last post, I mentioned that my grandparents were artists ... on my Mom's side.  My grandfather, Arthur H Lindberg, was the known artist.  My grandmother, Esther B Lindberg, was known for her quilts and her gardens but not her art.

Here's a picture of my grandparents when they were young, living in Kenmore, NY.

Actually, now that I look at this picture again, this might have been taken on Long Island.... but I love how "stylish" they were!

My grandfather was an art teacher in the Kenmore School district and lost his job during the Depression.  My grandmother was also a teacher, if I remember correctly, she was an English teacher.  When my grandfather lost his job, he used his talents to bring in some money.  He did amazing portraits, restored damaged paintings ( Charles Penney told me that my grandfather had done restorations for him!), created fancy calligraphy scrolls with gold-leaf, illustrations for books and magazines, etc.

Here he is with his box of pastels next to him, I always wanted to play with the colors in that box when I was a kid!

He was known in Buffalo, NY for a series of oil paintings he did of the Buffalo waterfront in the 1940's ... this is the article that was published:

 Most of the local art community still only knows him for that one short series ... I've been trying to educate them on his real passion; New England landscapes.  Every fall my grandparents would travel to Vermont and Maine so my grandfather could paint ... here are some of his landscapes:


Watercolors, acrylics, pastels .... he loved them all.  There are pieces of his art in the Albright Knox Art Gallery and the Burchfield Penney Art Gallery.  I donated another piece to the Burchfield a few years ago, and took a few of my grandmother's pieces with me to see if they had any interest in her art.  And they did, so they now have two pieces of art from my grandmother too!  She spent all that time watching my grandfather, that she decided she might as well try too. 

Here she is with my kitten, Sly, on her lap ...

She was an amazing gardener and quilter, my inspiration for my gardens and quilt!  And a really good artist too.  Here are a sample of her work:


As you can see, she was very talented also ... though my grandfather (the "artiste") didn't agree!  LOL!  And my older sister Sandy was lucky get this talent and uses it as an Interior Designer.  I think I got their appreciation for color and putting colors together, even though I can't even draw a circle. 

My Mother has made me the keeper of the family art and I have plenty of pieces from both of them to sell.  So if you are interested in an original piece of art, just email or call me.


  1. So cool to have such talent in your family. So amazing