Monday, October 8, 2012

Some favorite flowers from this year ...

I went through some of my photos and pulled some pictures of flowers that really stood out this summer.

This is Carrick Wildon, a huge 7.5 inch flower that bloomed Mid-late for me.  These huge blooms open well every day.

Delphiniums ... another favorite that I plant every year to keep the bloom cycle going.  I don't know which cultivar this is ...

Lilies ... a newer favorite ... this one from Ramona at Faraway Flowers, is Julie Fowlis and has a very strong scent. 
Another daylily, Black Falcon Ritual ... a Curt Hanson daylily ... Curt's daylilies do great in my zone 5 gardens.
And another Lily from Ramona ... this one is called Olympic Torch.
A Linda Michael's daylily, Mythperception ... new to me last year I think and bloomed great this year.
Last one for today is Jocelyn's Oddity .. I just love these daylilies with these funky forms!
I'll look through my pictures and post more another day.  Gotta go tend the fire, made my first fire of the season today to warm up the house .... Enjoy!

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