Thursday, October 4, 2012

Farm Tour!

I promised a farm tour next ... in 1997 I had just finished my MBA while I was working full time, and realized after 3 years working and going to school, I suddenly had lots of free time.  I had filled my teeny backyard in Kenmore, NY - a first-ring suburb of Buffalo, with as many plantings as I could, and wanted more space.  I figured it would take me 6 months to a year to find what I wanted .... I had a signed contract in 3 months ...!!!

Here's the front of my house (and Rocky, of course - don't pets always have to be in the pictures?):

This was a run-down horse farm that had been on the market for almost a year.  A friend that lives "around the corner" (rural-like) gave me the info on the place and my Brother-in-law and I looked at it in January when the snow was up past our knees.  This is looking back to the shed behind the house and the barn (and Rocky again):

The property was owned by a relocation company at the time, but the owner was there cleaning out some things when we looked at the property, he thought I was crazy that I liked it so much even in the snow ... the house needed work, the barn needed work, but I cold see the potential.  Here's my front growing field:

The hoop house belongs to the Buffalo Area Daylily Society and the Western NY Hosta Society, they needed a place for it and I had the land.  The property has 20 acres, 5 or so around the house are cleared and used to be horse pastures and include a 3/4 acre pond close behind the house.  The other 15 acres are woods.  I wanted cleared land with established trees, out buildings, and the pond was a must.  Here's the front growing area when it floods ... but this hasn't happened in a couple of years now, so am keeping my fingers crossed!

My neighbors tell me the property used to be a swamp ... this was taken the weekend before my gardens were on tour for the Region 4 Summer  Daylily Meeting that was held in Buffalo.  I was freaking out!  The force of the water often moves the 4x4's that make up the raised beds.  It all turned out OK though.  Here's my purple barn (and Lily too) with the quilt square I made for it ... my very talented neighbor painted a daylily in the middle of it.

I can do a blog about how I made that quilt square another time.  I just took this picture a couple of days ago, the colors of the trees are just gorgeous.  So I fixed up the house (think of lots of money!) and the barn (see the metal roof?) and just love my farm now!  I fell in love with my backyard view that January day in the snow ....
This is what I see from my deck, and it is just amazing in every season.  The tall pines in the back are the beginning of my woods.  The pasture on the other side of the pond I am  planting different trees in, my own arboretum?  The donkeys have a separate pasture to the left.

This is a view from the other side of the pond looking back at the house, shed & barn ... and Rocky, of course.

A different view of the gardens behind the house, more formal with all kinds of plants, than the sale beds out front. 

This is my path down to the creek that is in the woods.  You can see the tread marks in this picture ... I had the guy that does a lot of work for me come in with his bulldozer and cut down the sides of the creek so I could easily walk over it.  I used to have a bridge and high creek banks, but the water washed the bridge from the banks and it was a difficult climb down and then back up the other side.  Now I can just walk it ... my neighbor and my hunters are thrilled too!
Hope you enjoyed the farm tour ... next post we'll look at some of my favorite flowers from this past summer!

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