Sunday, October 21, 2012

Daylily Seedlings & Parents

I was looking through my seeds yesterday, deciding which ones to put up for auction on the Lily Auction and I was struck by the differences in some of the siblings.  My friend Linda Michael's always shows the parents of her new introductions when she does a presentation.  I thought I would show you some of the parents and then some of the seedlings that came from those parents.

The first is a Diploid cross of Stack the Deck (E Shooter) X Loch Ness Monster (Courturier) - I've found that Loch Ness can pass it's ruffly edge on to it's children.

Stack the Deck
Loch Ness Monster

And then their children - my seedlings ....

Here's another set of parents:  Mystic Avalon (my introduction) X Vertical Horizon (Moldovan)

Mystic Avalon
Vertical Horizon
And two of their children, and I love both of them!
One more cross for today, Seedling X Dark Monkey (Gossard):
Dark Monkey
And a couple of their children:

You can see how dominate Dark Monkey is in this cross.  The second seedling is so close to it's parent, it's amazing.
This is what's fun about hybridizing daylilies ... put 2 different parents together and who knows what you will end up with!

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