Sunday, September 16, 2012

My first blog ....

I spent the weekend at a daylily convention in Canandaigua, NY hosted by our Region 4, and one of the speakers was Nikki Schmith ... who is an awesome blogger!

Her presentation was about blogging and she inspired me to try ... so here is my first blog.

My blog will be about my wonderful farm ... the daylilies and gardens I grow, the donkeys, dogs and cats I love ... rural living, and my other assorted hobbies.

The picture above is my "backyard" on a misty morning.

Here are my 3 miniature donkeys, I'll introduce them individually in another blog.

Here are my 2 silly pooches spooning ... Lily in the back and Rocky in front ...

I'll post pictures of some of my silly cats later this week.

I hope you come back and read more about my wonderful farm!

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