Thursday, September 27, 2012

Dogs, of course ....

So I've posted about Daylilies (some, more to come) and donkeys ... today I'd like to introduce you to my silly pooches, or dogs!

I look for dogs on Petfinder and at local shelters.  I have had a great experience at the Erie County SPCA, and horrible experiences at the Olean SPCA and the Buffalo City Shelter.  I would never again even look at dogs at the 2 later places. 

When my previous female dog (Brandi, golden/collie mix) passed away, I started to look for another female within a month.  My previous male dog (Dakota, Husky/lab mix) mourned Brandi's passing and spent all his time sleeping.  So I looked on Petfinder and eventually found Lily .... this is Lily the first nite home.

Clearly exhausted after her eventful day ... she came from a rescue group out of Medina, they knew nothing about her since she had been dropped off in the middle of the night at a shelter.  They had an outdoor pen just for those types of dropoff's ... and the rescue called her Jolly, since she was a happy girl.  I changed it to Lily since every daylily person needs to have at least one dog in their lifetime named Lily!

Lily filled out and grew up:

And yes, she has one ear that stands up and one that flops.  The vet says she's probably german shepherd and australian shepherd.  She and Dakota were good buddies, but Dakota got old and left us too.  The house is always too quiet when I only have one dog, and the one dog needs a playmate.  This search took quite a while, with numerous mishaps .. had a home visit from the local Golden Retriever rescue, and Lily growled at and went after the person's dog.  That's when we knew Lily needed to meet dogs off our property, since she thought she needed to protect the property from wayward dogs.  :>)

I eventually emailed my friend Elise Able, who runs Fox Wood Animal Rescue; besides rescuing and rehabbing wildlife, Elise also gets needy dogs and finds homes for them.  So I jokingly asked her to find me a collie.  Her response was that she knew of one that needed a home!  Guess it was meant to be.  So my niece Tory and I took Lily to meet Rocky .. it was completely uneventful.  So Rocky came home with us ...

Rocky is a smooth-coated collie mix ... age was vague.  Lily and Rocky became best buddies .... this is my favorite picture of them

Rocky gets along with my donkeys and cats too.  He is an amazing dog and can be off-leash most of the time.  Lily can't, she has a strong scent drive and when she smells something she thinks she needs to follow ... she's gone.  My neighbor, Sally, is my dogs second Mom.  She is a hiker and loves to take Rocky on walks in the woods and at one of the local parks.  Lily's too tough on trails, she doesn't really walk, just stops and sniffs.

In the picture above, Lily was just shaved for the summer.  Isn't she cute?  She loves when I shave her since her coat is so thick.  And she's a real swimmer, so when she's shaved, she dries much faster.

Rocky has helped change Lily's personality.  She was very standoffish when she came here; when I got home from work, I'd have to go find her.  Rocky is my whirling dervish ... he spins in circles and jumps around when I get home from work ... Lily now greets me at the door and comes to me asking for affection.  What a great change!

Here's Rocky in his vest he wears once hunting season starts.  Isn't he handsome?

And here are the 2 of them playing in the snow ...

They both think my king-sized bed is their wrestling mat in the morning when I'm getting ready for work ....

The last picture for today, is the one I call the "cat sandwich":

I'll end today's post with this picture of Lily and Rocky with Bailey the cat between them.  And the next post will just have to be about cats!  Because, of course, I have some of those too.


  1. That's one huge cat!

    Your dogs are gorgeous. I have never seen a smooth coated collie before. Rocky certainly is handsome. We had a sheltie lab cross dog for 15 years that had hair like Lily's. We could never even clip it with the cattle clippers. You do a great job on her and I am sure she appreciates it!
    What a life for a dog. Living at your place with your pond and everything? Must be like dog heaven!
    Looking forward to the kitties!

    1. Thanks Deb ... they think it's dog heaven ... more on the feline furballs this weekend.