Saturday, September 22, 2012

Daylily seedlings ...

Today, the 1st day of Fall, is definitely a fall-like day in South Wales, NY ... we're getting some much needed rain and it's very cool out.  The perfect day to spend time on the computer figuring out this Blog .... I think I finally got the header right, it took many different programs and tries to get it where I liked it.

Today I thought I'd share some of my seedlings that I took pictures of this year.

This first one I thought I was going to gather all the statistics on an register this year.  But I moved it early this Spring, and then it was such a dry summer, it bloomed very short and I couldn't gather any statistics.  So next year .... it's Blue-eyed Curls x Raspberry Butterflies.

This is another one I had hoped to register this year also ... it will wait until next year too ... it's another Blue-eyed Curls x Raspberry Butterflies kid.

This next one was a first year bloom for me, and I was so excited when I saw it blooming in the seedling bed .... it's tall, has candelabra branching and a good bud count.  It's parentage is DoThe Twist x Raspberry Butterflies ... (yes, I think Raspberry Butterflies is a great parent)

This one is a cross between Mystic Firebird x Platypus Pam ... love the shape, and it's a very clear yellow ... 1st year bloom for this one too.

Second year bloom on this one, Mystic Avalon x Vertical Horizon .... the color combination in the center of the flower was difficult to capture ... color is raspberry.

Last one for today, Mystic Avalon x Davey Jones Locker ... shows you never know what you'll get.  This seedling pinches nicely.

Hope you enjoy these seedlings ... they are just some of the seedlings I am evaluating.

Tomorrow I'll introduce you to my donkeys and dogs ... stay tuned!


  1. Pam, nice seedlings and a nice start to your blog. I like those pinchy twisty ones.

  2. Thanks John, I also like pinchy twisty ones! I'll be putting up more of my seedlings in the future.