Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cats too, naturally!

So I've done Daylilies, donkeys and dogs .... today I will introduce you to the last of my pets (thank goodness, my grocery bill is humongous!), my silly feline furballs.  You've had a glimpse of the big guy Bailey ... but I thought I would start with the oldest.

This is Cassie, she and her sister Ronni were found in a field in Akron, NY and the rescue group named them Akky & Ronni. Now really, Akky sounds more like a cat throwing up a hairball than a cat name!  So I renamed her Cassie.  They came to the farm as 6 month old kittens scared of their own shadows.  I put them in a room all their own, so they could get used to me and their new environment.  The room had a sleeper couch in it, and these 2 kittens got into the mechanics of the bed and hid in there.  I lost Ronni 2 years ago ... Cassie is 15 years old and still going strong.

Now, the big guy Bailey ... last time he was weighed he was 20.5 lbs.

He's your normal socialized, friendly cat .. that has to be involved in everything.

He usually wants to sit right on the keyboard while I'm trying to type!  He's 8 years old and loves everyone.  He and Lily, are the best of buddies ...

Then we have Momma ... Momma lived in my barn for a while, it was obvious that someone dropped her off, she was not feral but friendly.  She was fine living in the barn until I saw her nursing 4 fuzzy kittens, then I knew I had to do something.  I borrowed 5 hav-a-heart traps and trapped Momma and her 4 kittens. 

I had already found homes for the 2 female kittens ... Momma's kittens were long-haired beauties ... so I had Momma and her 2 sons spayed/neutered and tried to socialize the sons.  Momma was put back outside after she healed and then kept coming back to the house.  One autumn day, I opened the back door and told her if she came in she was never going back out .... she waltzed right in and made herself right at home.

I was unable to socialize one of her sons, so after watching him climb the tile wall in a bathroom to get away from me, he went out to the barn, and promptly disappeared (probably went and joined another barn cat colony).  The other son fell in love with Bailey ... so Figaro joined the inside menagerie.

Isn't he gorgeous?  All her kittens had the same long-hair.  I'd never had 2 boy cats and couldn't believe how close they could get.  Figaro follows Bailey around everywhere!

This past week I helped a friend and had 2 kittens in an extra bedroom, that she had rescued and had neutered ... when I told people about the kittens, everyone said "More cats?"  And I said ... "No Way!"  LOL!  4 inside cats and one feral barn cat were enough.  I found homes for the kittens and they left yesterday.

Oh yeah, here is Barn girl ... I didn't name her because I wasn't sure she would be around for very long.  I got her from a local rescue that was looking for barns to house feral cats they couldn't socialize.  She actually came with another cat that disappeared.  Barn girl has now been here over 5 years, she meows at me but doesn't let me get any closer than 4 feet.

She has food, water (heated bowl in the winter) and a dog house filled with hay in the winter to sleep in, in the barn.  I understand she terrorizes my neighbors indoor/outdoor cat ... and she gets along OK with my other pets.  Yesterday I watched the donkeys chase her around their pasture. I put new fencing up this summer and she doesn't fit through the fence anymore, needs to get to a gate and go under it.  The donkeys were walking calmly behind her, trying to herd her out of their space!  It was funny to watch!

So that's my furry family.  No wonder my grocery bill is so high!  Next post I'll give you a tour of the farm ... it's really pretty now with all the trees turning color.

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