Sunday, September 23, 2012

My donkey family ...

As promised, I'd like to introduce you to my 3 miniature donkeys .... Sambina, Cosmo and their son Merlin.  Everyone asks, how did you end up with donkeys?  Shortly after I bought my 20 acre farm, a neighbors friend came by and wanted to rent my barn and pastures for her horses.  Eventually I had to get my own horse ... you know how that goes....  But in the Spring of 2000, I shattered my ankle.  Between my full time banking career, the farm, the daylily nursery, and a horse .... something had to give.  So I found my horse, Casey, a good home.  After I had healed, a friend of the family called and said he had a baby miniature donkey he would sell to me for a very good price ... and so Cosmo arrived at the farm.

Cosmo was 8 months old and hadn't even been weaned from his mother when he arrived on the farm.  My friend, Shannon with the horses, laughed at how he tried to follow me around like a dog.  Then Shannon bought her own farm and moved her horses ... one donkey or horse, is a very lonely donkey or horse, so I looked around and found Sambina.

Sambina was transported to my farm on a huge multi-horse trailer ... the woman who brought her said it was the easiest transport she had ever done.  Cosmo and Sam (Sambina) got along great ... so great, the next thing I knew, we were expecting a baby miniature donkey!  (And then got Cosmo gelded so he would stop bothering Sam!)

I put a baby monitor in the barn and next to my bed because I wanted to see the birth of my baby miniature donkey ... yeah, right.  The night I thought it was going to happen, Sam was really moving around in the barn, so I went down to the barn 2 or 3 times in the middle of the night.  Of course, she waited until I went to work ... my neighbors (who had been checking in on her while I was at work) called me right after lunch and told me everything was good, and that I had a baby donkey in the barn.  I left work and came home to see the new baby miniature donkey ...  Meet Merlin!

Aren't baby donkeys the cutest things!  The photo above was taken by my neighbors shortly after he was born ... he's still all wet.  Here's one of Sam & Merlin a couple of days later.

I eventually had Merlin gelded also, you can't have intact males with their Mom's, and I wanted to keep my small family together.  Cosmo and Merlin get along great, they act like brothers not father and son ... always picking on each other.  Here they are playing with an old tire.

Donkeys are wonderful, friendly, smart animals.  They are just pets ... though some day I would like to teach Cosmo to pull a cart and compete with him.  But they just make me laugh ... and don't believe that they are stubborn or that they don't get along with dogs.  Those are 2 fallacies .... they are considered stubborn because instead of having a "flight" instinct like horses do ... they will stand still and figure out what's going on before they will move.  And donkeys brought up with dogs get along with them fine ... my silly mutts have been known to give donkeys noses kisses whenever possible!

Here's my cute little family:

Merlin in the front, Cosmo to the right and Sambina in the back.  Merlin has taken on the job of letting me know when I sleep too late for his liking on the weekends ... and brays loudly, hoping I'll get up and feed him sooner!  Too bad for him, that doesn't work!  LOL!


  1. I loved reading about your miniature donkies - what a lovely little family they make. Your farm sounds idyllic....and a lot of work. Love the misty morning photo.

    Those seedlings are full of hope - they are lovely. Well done sorting out the blogging - I know it is not easy :) I have subscribed so I do not miss a post.

    Jennie Sivyer

    1. Thanks Jennie! It is idyllic AND a lot of work, but I love living here! Glad you have subscribed, I'll be posting my dogs next, and then more seedlings!

  2. This was fun! What a wonderful life you live! it must be hard to leave in the mornings. Looking forward to more. Katie

    1. Thanks Katie ... I'm glad you are enjoying this ... it is sometimes hard to leave int he morning, but then I always get to come back after work! Dogs next, and then more seedlings ...

  3. Enjoyed reading about your donkeys. I am Melba's SIL and also have a donkey and two mini mules. She sent me a link to your blog. Your place is beautiful!

    1. Hi Jill,

      I would love to see mini mules, bet they are wonderful creatures too! I'll be posting my dogs tomorrow ...